Swingset skirts – ready for twirling and whirling!


So I made the toddler a Christmas Geranium dress, added a full skirt lining and two layers of tulle and it looks very cute. She must like it because she even let me do a fitting … and then promptly refused to take it off! I didn’t have enough fabric for sleeves but added a white collar, extended bodice and a bow from the XP pack. Pretty cute, if I do say so myself!


No sooner had a finished it, my sister asked me if I could possibly make a matching skirt for my 8 year niece, as we shall all be together on Christmas day. How could I resist? I made them both a matching outfits for our summer holiday this year and the photos of them together are gorgeous. Fortunately, it was Black Friday and there were some amazing sewing deals around, so I managed to buy the last metre of this Art Gallery fabrics ‘Be Merry’ from Sew Me Sunshine at a 20% discount. I also bought the Swingset skirt pattern from Oliver + S which at 40% off seemed like a bargain and would come in really useful as it goes from 6 months all the way to age 14. I have to say that I’m normally a bit cautious (miserly!) about spending lots of money on children’s sewing patterns but this is hopefully going to get lots of use.

I didn’t follow the pattern instructions and I didn’t do the two channels of elastic and drawstring options. Instead I added some net tulle and some softer navy tulle to show at the bottom as a border. It was a very easy sew but I did  have a bit of a fiddle with machine sewing the deep hem on the circular skirt, so hand stitched instead, which of course, looks nicer. There are lots of lovely Swingset skirts with ribbons as a drawstring and pompom trims about, so lots of options for the future too.

Once, I’d finished my niece’s version, I thought it would look lovely in a bit of leftover Liberty Wiltshire that I’d bought on a shopping trip to Shaukat in London in the summer. So I made a similar one for the toddler. I’m thinking of trimming down the navy tulle after Christmas, so it’ll be a be bit more for every day wear. I also couldn’t resist then adding a faux bow to a cheap little H & M t-shirt to make a complete outfit. I can see lots more of these little outfits in the pipeline, maybe with a little collar on the t-shirt next time.


They are just perfect for little girl twirling and whirling. So the Swingset skirt is a big ‘thumbs up’ from me … let’s hope the girls enjoy them too!



And just as an aside, don’t the two fabrics complement each other well? [Cue music]… ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ … so outfits are done but would you believe that whilst I made my daughter a Santa Sack for her first Christmas, she doesn’t have a stocking to hang on the fireplace, next to ours … so that has to be next on the list … oh, and one for the new(ish) doggie!