Toddler Christmas outfit no.1

This is the first year that I’ve made a Christmas outfit for my 2 year old. Previously, I have given into the strong temptation of the offerings of Mini Boden (incredibly hard to resist – I now try not to look at the catalogue too closely!)

Sadly, ‘M’ has grown out of the pretty baby dress patterns that had served us very well, so I began to look around for a new one. I plumped for the very popular Made by Rae Geranium Dress and Top pattern and the recently released Expansion Pack. The options are endless and I’m hoping this pattern is going to get lots and lots of use. Just look at these variations …


I spent quite some time looking at potential fabric online (I can waste hours doing this) but then decided to have a look in my stash and discovered there were some perfectly reasonable options there already … oops!

I chose the Liberty Claire-Aude as the ‘wearable toile’ …



and then still ordered some Christmas fabric from Sew Me Sunshine when they had 15% off Christmas fabrics last weekend! (I think it’ll make a fabulous dress version – I’m thinking a big sash bow!)

I decided to make a top with the gathered long sleeves and pockets… and couldn’t resist putting a little pompom trim round the collar. The seam allowance was next to nothing on the trim and having dabbled with pompom trim before, I used my walking foot and then secured the seam allowance in place with Prym Wonder Tape. It worked an absolute treat and I thought that was the fiddly bit done …


WRONG! Sewing the full length gathered sleeves inside the fully lined bodice was a right fiddle. It’s the first time I’ve sewn a fully lined bodice, so I might be just lacking in skills but I found rolling the sleeve up inside the shoulder really tricksy. So much so, this make took me quite a while. I could have cut out and sewn up 3 Toaster Sweaters in the time it took to make this dinky top. Never mind. I guess I just need practice and I haven’t seen anyone else comment about this in blogs about the Expansion Pack. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to tackle the sleeves again for the Christmas dress but maybe I need to confront the demons head on! So here’s the finished top and the outfit in full …

christmas dress_003

She already had the bloomers which are from Little Cotton Clothes . I love their dresses and bloomers – they’re really well made and have beautiful attention to detail. The tights and headband are from H & M.

I couldn’t resist using the only Christmas buttons in my stash. They are highly impractical and will probably cause discomfort in the car seat but I couldn’t resist them!

christmas dress_004

So hopefully this outfit will look cute (the toddler does not cooperate with try-on sessions!). I can’t decide whether I need a quick and easy make next or whether to tackle the Christmas dress straightaway … and do I ditch the sleeves or tackle the nemesis?!