Ta-Dah! A sequinned sweatshirt

Well … this *might* be my first sewing blog post … depending on whether I can work the technology! I decided it was time to start a sewing blog because I really enjoy reading lots of other sewing blogs and writing a few lines on Instagram about my makes just wasn’t cutting it!

So a month or so ago, I noticed this sequinned sweatshirt in the Mini Boden Catalogue. I did consider buying it for myself but even with all the regular 25% off promotion codes, £45 still seemed a bit steep … and there’s a VERY good chance that I wouldn’t fit into a size 15-16 years!

And fast-forward a month here is my finished sweatshirt. I flipping love it!


I’m all Christmas party season ready! (Never mind the presents, turkey, christmas pudding or anything else festive-related.)

I’d never sewn with sequins before and built it up to be something difficult in my head but in fact, I didn’t break a single needle … well … sewing the sequins (more of that later). Cutting the sequins out made a bit of a mess and I used my paper scissors, then I underlined the meshed sequinned fabric with some jersey.

I bought the sequinned fabric for about £9 from Ebay (1m) and then some jersey backed navy scuba fabric from Fabric Land Bournemouth, (£4.44 per metre) that I used the reverse side of. No big spending as I was convinced that it wouldn’t work out right …

After much dithering, I used the I Am patterns ZEBRE. This is the second time I’ve made this sweatshirt but this one was much more successful after sizing down. Tweaks that I made for me were also to shorten the length by about 4cm and to take in the cuffs as I have slim wrists and wanted to show off the balloon sleeves. THIS actually made it really difficult to sew join the cuffed sleeves with the gathering. The scuba didn’t have much stretch and I broke a needle on my overlocker. That was a right fiddle to fix!

So … yes, I’m pleased. Although I really want to make ALL the sequinned things now but am going to have to stop myself as I don’t have a calendar full of events planned and I’m not sure I’d get away with a sequinned jumpsuit at soft play!



  1. Awesome job! It looks great! I’ve never sewn with sequins, but I love the idea of a sequinned sweatshirt. Congrats on your first blog post!

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